Retail Platform to Streamline your Operations

A POS powerful enough to connect the whole value chain in retail. From front of house, back of house, accounting and inventory.


Core POS

Point-of-sale is now more advanced for faster and more accurate customer service.

Purchase and Sale Management

You can manage buying and selling very easily and accurately.

Real-Time Inventory

You can view your real time stock and inventory from anywhere.

Product Management

You can present your specific product correctly to your customers.

Warranty Management

Time to worry about after sales service is over. Now serve your


Multiple warehouses? How do you plan to manage them? With our PSI Solutions, you can manage all your warehouses conveniently from your own home.

Shelf Management

You can manage your own shelf for sales and customer attraction which will help your business grow.

Branch Price Control

If you want, you can easily change the price of various sales centers sitting at your home or workplace.

Report Customization

You can customize the report exactly the way you want it to look using our ZII PSI Solution.

Loyalty Program

By using this feature, you can offer your customers attractive deals without storing their necessary information!

Inventory In a New Way

Zii has been designed by industry experts to help you control your front and back-of-house retail operations all from within a single platform.

Our handheld PDA with an integrated mobile printer allows for tasks such as inventory counting, expiry date checking, price modification, and printing new price tags to be done right in front of the shelves.

Seamlessly connect your business

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